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Treehouse Villas @ Changi, Chalet in Singapore


Treehouse Villas @ Changi has got to be the most gorgeous chalet in Singapore- at the moment.

Although I’m liking the concept of chalets; where you can gather all your friends for a get together session, chill in, play some mahjong, cards or board games and BBQ away… I’ve never exactly fancied it for a fact that most chalets are old, run down and unfortunately, ugly.

This well-furnished Bali-inspired vacation villa has successfully changed my entire perception towards chalets. Some of their décor, including pieces of twine wood were even specially imported in, all the way from Bali, just to re-create this getaway aura for guests.


When the boyfriend had plans to book a chalet for our friends and family, I told him we had to go for this.
The resort’s not just gorgeous but pretty private as well, only 14 villas all in all:

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