Save my cracked phone and my time; FYND!

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It’s been awhile since I was procrastinating on getting my cracked iPhone fixed.

The long hours of waiting at the service center has been putting me off for months and I thought I could just make do with the slight crack; which didn’t affect the functionality of the phone.

Until it took another fall at the Ultra Music Festival recently, that it’s barely usable with the blacked out corner:


Like everyone else, I’ve taken into consideration about having it repaired in Johor Bahru, since I could potentially save half the price! But having heard from my friend about his recent encounter, where he found out that most of his handphone parts (camera component etc.) were swapped and replaced with replica parts after fixing it in Thailand; I’m slightly concerned with the misusage of any data stored in my phone.

After all, I’ve never really fancied the idea of leaving my phone with anyone for an hour or two before collecting it. It just doesn’t feel quite safe, considering that a total stranger could just fiddle through my personal device.


So imagine my relief when I found “FYND“! (after much searching around for affordable and reliable repair service)

Do I even have to advocate more on supporting our own local startups?

Fynd aims to help the lower income group by empowering their technicians with this avenue to earn great income even without a degree.


I arranged a slot for the very next day (via their website) and received an immediate text confirmation upon submitting my preferred location and time.

And certified iSpecialist, Joel was sent to my place on the dot! You could also arrange for it to be done at your office or anywhere else that you’re comfortable with:


I loved how I was able to watch him perform skilfully right before my eyes. He wasn’t shy to have me see exactly what was done to my phone and also selflessly shared his insights on reparation with me while doing so:


It looks so complicated, but he had it all done in less than 15 minutes! I know that the site states 28 minutes to 60 minutes, but Joel said that’s just how they manage expectations:


GENIUS! I’m impressed with their professionalism, my iPhone looks brand new again!


Fixed my iPhone 6 with their promo!
Usual Price: $229.00
NOW $204.00 Nett Price (inc. 7% GST)


Fynd does not only offer services to repair smartphones and tablets (not just Apple and Samsung, offer services for many other brands too). They repair computers and laptops, hardware and even software inclusive!


Definitely our recommended “Doorstep repair service”, FYND:


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