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Being a gamer, the one thing that frustrates us most is fps (and shitty internet). FPS affects everything in the game. So how do you monitor your fps?


Time to check out CAM a very powerful pc monitoring software which monitors and shows you the temperature of your cpu and gpu, usage on your ram and fps.

What I really love about CAM is that it is customizable and has an option to trigger an overlay in your game, which displays all those information on the corner of your screen. (Competitive gamers, you should watch your FPS )

CAM also has an iOS and Android app which can act as a 2nd monitor during your gaming sessions or if you’re not home, you will still be able to monitor your pc remotely.


Here’s how the overlay looks like in Fallout 4:



Summary of what CAM does:

CAM brochure inner FINAL DRAFT 3


Ready to try out CAM? But before you do, here’s a CAM 101 video tutorial which you should watch first.

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