Avenue Joffre, Chinese Culinary Nostalgia at Resort World Sentosa

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Cantonese, Szechuan, Shanghainese Cuisine and Dim Sum – They’ve Got Them All!


Inspired by the legendary epicurean address along Shanghai’s French Concession in the 1930s and 1940s, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is delighted to introduce the latest food establishment – Avenue Joffre. The restaurant presents a unique concept of offering authentic Chinese delicacies, prepared in Cantonese, Szechuan, and Shanghainese cuisines.

The restaurant is helmed by some of Asia’s top chefs, including Chef Ip Chi Kwong (叶志光) – the master in Cantonese cuisine known for revitalizing the traditional Cantonese cuisine with a modern touch. Throughout his many years and experience since he stepped into a professional kitchen, Chef Ip has worked and cultivated his craftsmanship all over the world, giving him the exposure to modern culinary trends.

Joining Chef Ip is also culinary notable Master Chef Zhou Yuan Chang (周元昌) – who heads as the Consultant Chef, or rather, the culinary mastermind behind the gastronomic Shanghainese menu. Not forgetting there’s also Master Chef Gu Xiao Rong (谷晓荣) – Head Chef for the Szechuan cuisine, who has received critical acclaim for his cooking, and Master Chef Ge Xiane (葛贤萼) as the Culinary Consultant for Dim Sum, who injects creativity in coming up with inspirational dishes that portray a refreshing and modern aspect to traditional dim sum.


Here we are, at the media tasting session where the master chefs are ready to surprise our taste buds and intrigue our sensorial experience with their fresh, culinary inventions of the Chinese cuisines, through the unveiling of Avenue Joffre’s menu of fine Chinese cuisine:


Starting off with the marinated black fungus, $9:

Thinly sliced beef in chilli oil, $13:


Steamed Shanghai pork dumpling $7, Minced Pork and Mushroom Siew Mai $5, Pan-fried pork dumpling filled with soup $7:


Roasting crispy pork belly, $20-$40 (small to big) :

Steamed fish head with pickled chilli, $5:


Szechuan Poached Sliced Mandarin Fish in Chilli Oil, $38 – $76 (small to big) :


Braised Tiger King Prawn with Homemade Tofu, $22/person:


Baked Crab With White Pepper in Casserole: 

Chef IP preparing my favourite abalone LIVE:


Braised Abalone with Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce, $78/person:


Super crispy, irresistible, Roasted Peking Duck sliced by professional Chef GU Xiao Rong:


Slurps, to die for~ From $18 onwards:


The pricing is surprisingly really reasonable despite the ambience and location! 
You can visit Avenue Joffre here:


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