Professional tips: How to care for your luxury branded bags

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After filling our stomachs, we were in for yet another treat!~


We were taken for a stroll along the mystical cloud forest.


Tip Number 2: “What if your bags get drenched by water or any other liquids.”

Clean with cloth or wet tissue? N-O, NO! That will not be helpful at all and would actually cause the foreign substance to seep deeper into the leather!
You should try to shake it off as much as you can from your bag then dab it gently with a clean tissue paper to soak up the remaining liquid. If it’s a stubborn stain, use the soft cleaner wipe from colorwash to circle the stain delicately without hurting the material.

Ps. Using a wet tissue which is alcohol base could easily ruin the dye on your precious bag!


Enjoying the beauty of this magical place~

It’s Gemma’s way of helping us understand that all beautiful things require maintenance!


Side track a bit: Here’s my partner snapping away as usual~


While I kept myself entertained, giving my fans on “17” a short tour about cloud forest!



Tip Number 3: “Show it tender loving care.”

I’m not saying that you have to talk and sing compliments to it every other day. LOL.
But as simple as not leaving it on the rough ground and brushing it against the wall, could most definitely extend the longevity of your bags’ leather surface. Remember, handle it with love and apply protection cream for it, bi-weekly!

The leather’s as delicate as your face, so of course, you can’t neglect it if you want to maintain the fresh look on your bag~

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