Indoor Rock Climbing, Singapore

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Climb Central is the tallest indoor air-conditioned sport climbing venue in Singapore.
They have an approximately 1,000 square meters of climbing wall space which is conveniently located within the Singapore Sports Hub!

Advanced climbing safety systems make it easy for beginners to pick up climbing, while veteran climbers will enjoy the 16 meter lead wall and super inclines on the boulder area!


Don’t worry even you’re new to rock climbing; this place is so meticulously designed, I’m sure you will feel safe around this big playground that’s both suitable for kids and adults! Except for kids below 5 years old, all are welcome to get frisky~


Entrance fee’s only $30 for you to climb all day! And all you need to do is to bring along a pair of socks and they would provide you with all the essential equipments, from the climbing footwear to the harness and safety rope:


If it’s your first time here, you would go through a 10 minutes safety briefing and practice your belaying, then you’re off to go to explore on your own!


Now I can put my skills from climbing around playgrounds during childhood times to good use now!~


It’s so high tech now, there’s automatic belaying machines where you can rock climb even if you are gonna try this out solo; no belayer required! :D~


Go Get Climbing Now~

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