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Instagram layout trends

There have been several strategies that Instagram users have been adopting, for them to stand out on Instagram.

My recent choice has created quite a buzz, with many of you inquiring the exact application that I’ve been using to create this one of a kind appearance on my Instagram.


Here are some long awaited tips for my layout over my Instagram gallery (iOS user).

Sequence of events for iPhone user:

(I) Snap a picture with my iPhone 6.
(II) Edit with Snapseed – Application (This app is use to colour correct the images)
(III) Edit with Tangled FX – Application (I only use this when necessary to give a cartoon feel)
(IV) Create frame with Cymera – Application (Select effect, select border & finally select drop shadow)
(V) Open image with Whitagram – Application (Use this app to upload to your Instagram)


Application Layout: Cymera



Application Layout: Whitagram
iOS / Android



Application Layout: Standard Instagram



Well, its as simple as that. :)
Enjoy your new Instagram layout!

Do note that my website (www.scottkj.com) is currently under maintenance and it will be up and running soon!


Signing off,
Scott KJ

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