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Hopdog at Clarke Quay, a 1,500 sq ft diner featuring a modern take on the humble hot dog matched with one of Singapore’s largest selections of beers is the latest chill out joint for Hotdog and craft beer fans! 😉

Taking the traditional humble hot dog on an experimental culinary journey at Hopdog:

Consumers can expect hot dogs flavour from the traditional Chilli Dog with home made bolognese, to unique signature dishes, like the Korean inspired K-Dog and the Surf & Turf with crab meat and mayonnaise.

My ultimate favourite is the Ariba- pork sausage with guacamole, sour cream and Mexican cheese on charcoal bamboo bun! Yum yum~ The bun has an aroma with a slight sweet taste to it:



At Hopdog, they also hold competitions regularly, like Beer pong, bottle opening and flip a cup etc. which attracts plenty of crowd and eyeballs!



And yes! Anyone who’s spontaneous enough and game for it can participate :)

So, tantalise your taste buds no more… “Satisfy your senses, GRABZ it.”


Have you GRABZ? PS. I HAVE!


That’s why I got to Enjoy the wide selection of yummy Hot dogs at HopDog for ONLY $9.90.


Grabz NOW (save 48%)!



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