Extreme Plastic Surgery in Korea

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Watch, as plastic surgery changes a person’s life drastically.
Many of them share a past that haunts them- struggling half of their lives with mockery, despise and discrimination from the society.


I’m not here to sing praises about plastic surgery.
The cold hard truth is that the society is made up of superficial people (some in denial).
Human are just generally nicer to beautiful things.

Yes, as much as people claim that it’s shallow to judge someone based on first impression, but to only look deeper into a person’s heart…

How many of them are guilty of not doing so?


Few would even give the chance for someone to show his/her inner beauty
before dismissing them, if they were born beyond the term- ugly.

If they choose to make their lives better, why chastise?

Some people are unhappy, because they think that the surgery route is a short-cut and it’s unfair that one can alter their looks. How about it being unfair that they had to go through such a tough route to just live normal?

If god was fair,
he would have given everyone the same standards of life, looks and love.

If altering one’s look is defying of god’s will, then so is the many others who have worked hard to make it big in life when they were thrown into poverty at birth.

Because god made them poor too.


So don’t be unhappy.
It takes courage, pain and determination to go through a surgery too.
No one would have to opt for it, if life was equal.


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