Love makes you FAT, it’s true!


I’m sure many of you can relate to me on this.

Often, when you fall in love, that’s when you start showering each other with SO MUCH LOVE- which of course includes going out for nice dinners, adding extra ingredients for takeaways, and basically just lazing at home together, tucking into pizza or even snacks while snuggling up for movies…


And with that, it didn’t take too long before I ballooned into something that I could no longer face:



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Coney Island- Singapore’s latest, biggest nature playground

It’s fascinating isn’t it? How we are working backwards here in Singapore… While others are busy developing their cities, we’re just thrilled to have this rural area finally made available for us!


#DowagerRecommends: “Drive/cab or take bus 84 from Punggol MRT to Punggol Road End (Promenade or Jetty). There, you can also park for free; right opposite the gallop stable!

A bicycle rental shop is available within close proximity and they charge SGD$8/hr or 3 hours for the price of SGD$16 per person.


It’s a wise choice to opt for the mountain bikes as it’s gonna be quite a rough ride exploring the entire island (although I must admit that I’d initially wanted the basket bicycles because they look prettier for pictures)

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Dowager X Timberland


In conjunction with Timberland’s 42nd anniversary,
Timberland celebrates the launch of their new concept boutique at Raffles City.


The revamped boutique features new textures and decor that emanates a warm and homely feel.

Embodying elements from Timberland’s latest global campaign, “Made for the Modern Trail”, the store’s decor re-defines the outdoors, bringing it closer to the city where the new generation of adventure seekers live their lives.

Drawing inspiration from the Timberland’s latest global store concept, the Raffles City store spans 2293 sq ft and is re-imagined from one of London’s oldest streets, Regent Street. It emphasises on being fresh and authentic, with natural and New England craftsmanship elements to it. Playing with atmospheric contrast of light and shadow, the decor in inviting and comfortable, allowing customers to browse at ease.

Wooden decking line the walls and floor, giving the store an inviting, nature-inspired vibe to it.


Timberland New Store Concept at Raffles City

Aside from aesthetic updates, Timberland recognises that as a key player in the footwear fashion industry with a strong commitment to providing exceptional customer service, shoe care is a very important part in keeping shoes in tip top condition, which in turn equates to satisfied customers.


Added Customer Service – Shoe Care Specialist 

A key part of the revamp includes the addition of a dedicated Shoe Care Specialist to the store!

As the name suggests, the Shoe Care Specialist will be the person to turn to should you have any queries about your footwear. With the various leathers and environmentally friendly materials found in Timberland products, Timberland has introduced a range of efficient and effective products that not only revive your precious footwear to looking brand new but also protect them from any future unwanted harm.

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