Browtisan, wake up looking beautiful with eyelash extensions


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Speaking about “First Impression”, Browtisan has most certainly taken it to a whole new level.
Not only does their posh exterior worked seamlessly with their reputable branding, the way I was greeted by their staff and how they sat me down to explain in details on their selections of lashes just made me feel that I could trust them entirely on the quick enhancement.


My choice: “Glamorous Celebrity Lash”
Obviously I was to close my eyes and sleep, so I didn’t take any photos during the process.
But here’s how it goes when Director Coco Qi does it professionally, one lash at a time:



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The Secret to Koreans’ Dewy Skin, UNVEILED.



“Instead of wanting to look beautiful these days, women want to be told that they look young.”
That means dewy skin—not matte and dull-like mature skin, but shiny and soft like a baby’s.

The Koreans are often the fastest, if not, the guru of the latest beauty trends.
And this radiant glow that K-beauty is known for, has been a mystery that many have seeked and tried to uncover:


Some said it’s the makeup that they use, others would advise you to go for “DermaShine” Hyaluronic Acid Injection aka 水光针. But deep down, I knew a better method would be made available some day. read more