Past Advertorials V

When I shop at Almost Famous, my world gets better.

“The world is better; and then it’s not anymore. And I have to shop all over again”

You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles, your heart kind of goes like warm butter
sliding down hot toast? Well that’s what it’s like when I see my favourite dresses. Only it’s better.
-Confessions of a Shopaholic

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.
Happiness can be very temporary. And if shopping makes me happy, no one can tell me otherwise.

Because I know myself best, and I know exactly where to shop best!!!

Almost Famous has the exact combination of styles to suit my mood everyday

Sometimes… I feel like being sweet.
And because pretty floral perks me up magically…

At times… I yearn for serenity.
And a pure white throw over maxi-dress gives me this weird sense of peacefulness…

Need I say more about vibrant funky colours?
They are like the one of the best ways to brighten up my day instantaneously!

AF even have a mix of mysteriousness and sexiness to satisfy my “style-hunger.”
A hungry woman is a very angry woman and when I need to be stylish for a particular day, I better be this chic:

Looking is never enough.
You wouldn’t want to miss this. Within seconds and it’s gone, I assure you


For advertising enquiry, email today!
Traffic and response ensured


I’ve had my share of joy in Phuket, time to spread the love!


With the September holidays approaching, it’s time for a getaway from the city buzz!

You need to read about my amazing experience in Phuket “The land of fantasy” ♥

Click to Read the 3 Episodes Here:

Because love brings us beautiful. Phuket Ep 1

If it’s love, it never gives up. Love finds it’s way somehow. “Phuket Ep 2”

Love is contagious ♥ Phuket Ep. 3


The escapade you can’t resist, at it’s lowest price!!!









“Frostbite” Vitamins that MELTS in your mouth


Shout-Out to all health and outlook concerned humans; in fact EVERYBODY. I mean, who isn’t?

Haven’t we had enough of curbing our craving for sweet treats?!

Damn every night when my stomach starts to grumble, I grab an ice cream from the freezer,

only to return it because “I DON’T WANT TO GROW FAT!!!”


No, that’s totally not happening anymore.


Just the other day,

we decided to take on the adventure invitation from “Frostbite” for a trip back to childhood memories!

(Located at Suntec City Tower 4 beside Carrefour)

We were both very intrigued by the bright coloured popsicles in front of us: 




Remember how your mummy used to tell you……

“Santa will only reward you if you’re good/ Karang Guni will catch you for throwing tantrums”

“No ice cream or sweet treats for you because it’s fattening and have zero nutrition!!!”

We all grew up to find out the truth, “Santa doesn’t exist BUT ice cream can actually be good for you!!!”

With popsicles choked full of Vitamins C goodness; purely made from fruit purees & juices, Mummy can no longer say “NO” to you!


I don’t know about you, but I definitely cannot resist this in HOT Sunny SG!

Especially when it’s “freezing” oozing from nothing but pure fruit’s sweetness ♥


(special flavours such as cheesecake & chocolate are at $3.80)



My first slurp came as a surprise. It’s amazing how the flavour tasted so full and yet not overpowering.

That’s not all! The texture of the popsicle was made perfect for immediate teeth-sinking

unlike the commonly found outside/retail-packaged ones; HARD!!!


Don’t worry if you’re spoilt for choices, SO WAS I!

They allow free tasting before you decide on the popsicle you favour most ♥

Go try them all~


Frostbite has recently opened a new outlet at One Fullerton!

(In front of the Merlion)

Grab your refreshing bite before clubbing at Butter Factory today Smile



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Past Advertorials III



Makes my heart beat fast.


I was sold immediately, upon opening the boxes: made luxury affordable for you & I!


Special Price: $36  (U.P.$45) Savings of $9


Italian inspired designs, beautifully crafted and exquisitely presented with the modern woman in mind.

Classic Solitaire: Special Price $31 (U.P.$40) Savings of $9


These timeless pieces are suitable for women of all ages.

With Mothers’ Day nearing, what can be a better choice than Tangem’s jewelleries?


Glowing Petals Earring: Special Price $32  (U.P.$40) Savings of $8

Priceless Pearl: Special Price $30  (U.P.$42) Savings of $12







Recently, they launched this new Smurf collection! Haven’t you seen the Smurf comics yet? I grew up with it! 

**To make everyone happy, there’s even a CONTEST at the end of this post!


I’m into casual lately, but definitely not losing the vibrancy!

Bossini’s Smurf Collection is totally cute!


Match this tee-dress with a pair of shorts underneath + a pair of wedges & I’m ready to go!



**Ps: The quality’s awesome, yet super affordable!


Then I got a little inspired by the first outfit from the ladies collection above:

So I thought, why not top up the liveliness with some polka dots too!


And look who has been complaining?


Wait up! Bossini Smurf has something for you too!

Whoever said you can’t look good, sporting cute?


Overwhelming cuteness for the girls & baby as well:


Big tees shouts: “CAREFREE + FREEDOM!”


Good things come in a pair, so does Smurf!

These stylish big tees are part of Bossini’s limited edition premium Smurf collection!


And how do I wear it?

For me, I like it with my suspenders and high-waist shorts for a simple day:




Off goes the shorts, I can be adorable for a sleepover with my girlies now! ♥



These Bossini’s Smurf premium edition clothings are only sold at 4 stores in SG:

Bossini Takashimaya S.C. (#B2-39), Causeway Point (#01-20), Bugis
Junction (#01-51) and Parkway Parade (#01-47 to 52)!


On top of that, Bossini also gave me this super darling Smurf’s storage house!

Even my room looks cute now without the barang barangs that I stuffed right in here:


You can get it FREE with $120 spent in Bossini now!

Currently all the items are selling fast, GET YOURS TODAY!
(while stocks last only)


Or you can get this cute Smurf tote bag for $8 with a minimum of 2 piece
smurf items purchased from Bossini!






To stand a chance to win this premium, simply comment on this blog post:

Tell me… where is Smurf collection available in Singapore + what you like about Smurf!

As easy as that and you stand to “WIN”:

(Worth $39!)


Good luck!!! ♥


Visit: for the full collection & a list of their shop locations!


Bossini also has this fun Smurf online game on their website!

Go try it out now for a chance to win $100 worth of Smurf goodie bags~

For more future updates:

Join Bossini’s FB page:




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Past Advertorials II


Bringing theory to real life practicality with School D’ Hospitality!


I was overwhelmed by the many options after my O levels.

The only reason why I opted for poly instead of JC was because, I thought it was more of hands on rather than just hitting the books.




Junior College- 2 years of nothing but studying

Polytechnic- 2 years of boring theory, final year project and 6 months internship.

Private school- Less than 1 year of studies ( A choice for internship & School provides assistance to put theory to work )


I just had to attend this event organized by my friend; student of School D’ Hospitality to find out more about private schools.

After all, I was also duped by the usual studies’ system and gullibly went down the common route.


On the way to Grand Park Orchard Hotel for the event!


Check out how elaborate the event is!

They even engaged cross-dressers to match the “One Night in Vegas” theme:


The nicely set-up booth, to welcome the guests:


Extremely creative door gift :)


School D’ Hospitality, the school that produces cuties. Just kidding :p

So, Christine and her classmates actually got to organize this event as their project, with support from the school!

How many schools actually allow you to bring your projects outside of academy?

This is definitely my first time hearing it!


Let me take you around this exclusive event:


Oh! And the highlight of the day; my embellished tulip dress from


Some decorations and set up of the area that proves their dedication towards this project:

It might be a project for school, but they definitely didn’t take it lightly nor treat it any different from a public event.


Casino tables were also arranged in accordance with the Vegas theme!

And I had the honour to be a dealer! *For a few pictures that is


The true authentic dealer that graduated from School D’ Hospitality!

That’s why my straights lost to his! Not fair :(


The organizers were remarkably hospitable.

We were spoilt and catered to free flow of drinks and food:


Yea, you wouldn’t think I had ice in my red wine, would you?


I can’t digest alcohol, hence sticking to soft drinks at all times.

I’ve got mild hypoglycemia, sugar drinks are good enough to keep me hyperactive!



Well, at least I have friends to enjoy the alcohol goodness for me!


While I can be contented with my glass of coke lol


Hallelujah for good food, baby!


I might not be a fan of liquor, but I certainly can’t resist the bites!


What sweet coincidence to bump into my childhood friend!

Remember what I said about the school producing eye candies? Damn, was I right or right?


Here’s more of the cute students that were also part of the event-making:


I was also introduced to the amiable director of the school, who then shared more details with me!

School D’Hospitality is a forward looking school with a clear focus on hospitality education.

They strive to develop our students in a holistic manner.

Their programmes  equip students with the professional and business knowledge and skills for the global hospitality industry

and they also aim to inculcate an attitude of service excellence and entrepreneurship.


The school has been around for a few years, focusing mainly on diploma courses.

They would also be starting a degree course in SG at the end of this year!


School D’ Hospitality believes that their students should gain skills quickly to blend into the working society.

Thus, apart from giving the students chances to organize events outside,

the school also provides tight schedules for their modules; to ensure efficient completion of their studies.


(More details here:


Upon gaining extra knowledge, it’s time for some entertainment!



Placing the bets…


HAHA! Intense concentration even when there’s no monetary involvement.

The lecturer was guiding us on how to play the game; literally bringing theory outside of the academy.

Check out more of the courses here:


My surname might be Heng, but I never seem to be lucky in gambling.

All-in and I lost it all while my friend gained a few grand!

Nevertheless he too, lost it in the finals. BOO..


Be more opened towards your studies. Search your choices instead of sticking to the norm.

Enquiry Line: 6506 1299  Email:






With the current Thai Discos’ craze that brought about a dilemma on  your usual clubbing night;

to party at the local clubs or Thai Disco?!?!


Club Avatar has been launched as a solution to your problem!

AVATAR – Fusion of both Shanghai (Better than Thai!) + local club scene;

the latest avant-garde addition to SG’s thriving night scene that you cannot miss!


Let me take you on my awesome clubbing night,

which happens to be one of the mini surprise parties on my birthday!




Located right at the base of the soaring Marina Mandarin Hotel in the heart of Marina Bay,

there are these friendly bouncers at the door!


I always wonder…

Why queue to party? Doesn’t that dampen your mood even before you club?


No entrance fee nor long queues required at AVATAR!

That being a bonus already, these colourful lightings would instantly lift up your clubbing mood!


What’s better than carousing in the luxury and opulence of Avatar’s baroque-inspired decor?


Upon entering Avatar,

my attention was immediately drawn away by the awesome live performance:


Guess who likes the club too?


My baby sister!

Now we can chillax together; while she indulges in drinks and live performance, I can shake my night away!


I mentioned about my birthday remember?

I was caught off-guard with this mini surprise after midnight. (Thanks to my sweetest gf)


And as if that wasn’t sweet enough,

came another bigger ice cream cake from secret recipe! (Thanks to Avatar’s Boss)


Throwing a Birthday Party at Avatar

provides you with sufficient personal space & entertainment all at the same time!




Crazily loved!


Drink amongst the vibrant lights, vibe and sounds!

Toast your nights away in happy hedonism as Club Avatar bring you Shanghai-influenced revelry

that promised to push the boundaries of night entertainment and beyond.


You haven’t clubbed in SG if you haven’t AVATAR-ed.

Take in the sights and sounds of one of Asia’s most spectacular audio-visual experience at AVATAR today!


You wouldn’t want to be missing out, trust me 😉

Check out:



Stay tuned for more on my birthday surprises!

3 more to go ♥



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