Facial and body hair worries, I left it in the hands of Browtisan



I’m a neat freak when it comes to keeping my face and body hairless and baby smooth.
Of course, eyebrows and lashes had to be flourishing and on fleek.

You know how busy my schedule gets with all the travelling and performance…
Thankfully with Browtisan, my one stop solution stop, I could get everything done in a single trip!


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Dowager Lookbook Vol 1, Tobi and Klasse14



The challenge to fashion isn’t following the latest trend but understanding your style, knowing what suits you best. It takes a lot of exploring, trial and error before you finally suss out a few looks that you can carry off effortlessly.

At least for me; chokers, boots, velvet, satin and fishnet… these styles that are made for me, took a long while before they came back to trend.

Leopard prints, flora prints, checkered and tie dye, almost had me lost hope in fashion.

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Lip Embriodery at Browtisan, was it worth the pain?


It could be due to suntanning in the past or the prolong usage of lipsticks… my lips have since lost it’s vibrancy and the pinkish tone that I fancy. They have turned rather brownish and appeared unattractive on my skin tone. Hence, today I’m at Browtisan to get this fixed:


Yes! I went for lips embroidery and was rather apprehensive as my lips are really sensitive, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth the pain (after all, I can switch around any lip colour with makeup right?)
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