Browtisan, the real brows expert


The beauty industry has grown so rapidly, having every other salons claiming to be the best in their services provided. I’m one to experience from an old school eyebrow embroidery, to 3D, 4D and now 6D.

Just look at the different shades and techniques that my brows have gone through over the past 10 years, the combination has caused my eyebrows to appear weird when undrawn:


It was not until I met coco, the founder of Browtisan, that I’ve witnessed the possibility of having perfect brows permanently.
Coco, to me, is like an artist who has focused her craft entirely on designing eyebrows.
Having an eye for beauty, she mimics the strokes of real eyebrows that fits your face structure amazingly!


It’s important to provide a clean canvas for the artist to work on.
Hence, I’ve had to go through several brows removal before it’s cleaned from the old ink!
Here’s the first removal:


My embroideries were quite deeply inked previously, so it took almost 8 attempts, till it’s finally removed and ready for eyebrows makeover! Putting on numbing cream for the painless, non-invasive procedure:

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The Animal Cafe, exotic pets playground in Bangkok



The Animal Cafe VS Little Zoo Cafe

  • Most reviews online are about Little Zoo Cafe. I wanted to give my readers an alternative, instead of blindly following the crowd
  • I figured it’s probably over populated and I’ll have minimal time spent with the exotic animals (based on my own judgement)
  • No entry fee, minimum order allowed for desserts and drinks, instead of main dish as required by Little Zoo (Total bill’s slightly below $30 for 2 pax)
  • No restricted timing to visit the animals, the staff lets them out to play on alternate basis
  • Within my itinerary, quite centralised and not out of the way
  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Little Zoo’s great too! Unfortunately, due to our tight schedule on this trip, we had to only pick one. Hence, The Animal cafe :)

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