Moment Sound Bar, unlimited KTV songs!



Hosting friends over at our crib is a regular affair with my family. And since we all love singing, I’ve been sourcing high and low for a good KTV system.
The current trending microphones are not good enough for us, and I found some of the bigger systems rather redundant with the extra screen.

Until, I was finally introduced to Moment by my bestie- it’s a high-fidelity sound bar, only more versatile!!!

Priced at just SGD $399 for the entire set (More than half the price of usual KTV systems), this world’s first compact karaoke sound bar comes with a built-in mixer, complete with a wireless microphone & subwoofer to serve your entertainment needs:

Say what?

It’s so compact and convenient, I could even bring it around for smaller performances or private parties with my friends:


Conventional karaoke machines are always plagued by limited songs, restricted by CDs, DVDs, or subscription. More often then not, even as we are willing to put up with extra costs and hassle, songs we want frequently aren’t available.

The more extensive KTV systems also require regular updates for new songs. Whereas for Moment Sound Bar, all we need to do is to plug in our phone or iPad, connect to any KTV app and starting singing away!


With Moment, not only can my parents reminisce and indulge in their tunes for the older generation, we can also influence them with the latest hits!


Comes with two microphones too!

But seriously, nothing beats being in my lounge wear and just singing my heart out in the comfort of my own home 😉


Time to get your loved ones a better Christmas gift than the portable solo microphone sold in flea markets, or get it for yourself; in time for the upcoming festive seasons and gather your friends to sing K all day all night!

You can purchase it on
OR visit them at their showroom in Sim Lim Square #05-24 to test it out before making this awesome decision~


Have a merry little Christmas, I hope you enjoy this recommendation.


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