Rejuvenation, a ferry ride away



With so many holiday destinations on our list, we tend to procrastinate and devoid ourselves from the much needed breakaway from work. Flights are affordable these days, but so are ferry tickets and especially hotels on our nearby islands.

Just $38 for a return ticket and 40 minutes ride, you will arrive at this tropical playground:


There’s no more excuses for you not to travel!
3 minutes car ride from Batam Centre ferry terminal, after getting picked up by the dedicated team…


We are here at one of the most cordial stay, Harris Hotel Batam Center!
Refreshing welcome drinks combined with a sweet smile; pretty sure we are already in paradise.


Their theme of the hotel, orange and white; gets you perky and sets you straight into the holiday mood!


Pick the sea view and wake up to this surreal scenery right outside your windows:


Upon pleasing your eyesight, it’s time to satisfy your stomachs!
Their wide array of breakfast buffet spread is ready to fulfil any tastebuds, from savoury to lighter flavours.


I couldn’t resist pairing porridge with this perfect omelette that’s runny on the inside, freshly cooked by the chef to keep my stomach warm and fuzzy:


My appetite’s unusually huge whenever I’m on a holiday, or perhaps it’s just the alluring lunch menu.

Ordered their specially curated Tropical sensation fruit mocktail, Chicken caesar salad, Amante Della Carne pizza and Chocolate lava cake:


The pool deck exuberates this Korean vibe that’s super picturesque. It’s nice to have an afternoon tea and just soak into the lovely atmosphere:


Wearing the upcoming collection on Bella Blizz to compliment the tranquil surrounding of the hotel:


Why fly 8 hours to Sydney when you can witness the iconic harbour bridge right here in Batam? “Barelang Bridge”:


Comes with a spectacular view too:


Many attractions, inclusive of the Hyper Mart is just within walking distance of the hotel. Otherwise cab ride is really convenient and affordable as well, if you’re looking to explore further!

Back to the hotel for a rest by the colourful bar, relax with a drink or two:


This tribal bohemian drop shoulder dress just stole my heart.
All apparels featured are from Bella Blizz, for 15% off, use code <PEGGY15>


Not only family friendly, Batam Harris is also known to be the choice of staycation for couples.
Surprise your other half with a candle-lit dinner (special request only, or join contest here)!


We were lucky to have a taste of their new menu before its launch!

Starting with the “Dragon beat” mocktail for some sweet romance:


Mangrove Crab Salad for appetiser: 


My favourite Classic mushroom soup:


Roast Chicken with Homemade Parpadelle:


And ending it off with Tiramisu Madness:


Be fed and pampered like the royals, till you wouldn’t want to return to Singapore! You can even arrange for an in-room massage:


I swear, I woke up feeling like I slept on the clouds and had to fight off the urge to stay in bed all day! The bed and pillows’ one of the fluffiest that I’ve ever laid on.

Imagine my excitement when the sweetest marketing manager gifted this customised Harris Batam pillow to me!!! She really knows her way to my heart. 


Enjoy a 10% discount, FREE pizza, buffet breakfast for 2 during your stay at Harris Hotel Batam Center, by using the code <DJDOWAGER>

**Promotion period from 15th September to 20th December 2017


Thank you so much for your generous hospitality Harris Batam Center!
I’m looking forward to share my experience with Harris Waterfront on the next post.
You most definitely wouldn’t want to miss it, if you’re looking to have your next vacation by the beach 😉

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