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The Animal Cafe VS Little Zoo Cafe

  • Most reviews online are about Little Zoo Cafe. I wanted to give my readers an alternative, instead of blindly following the crowd
  • I figured it’s probably over populated and I’ll have minimal time spent with the exotic animals (based on my own judgement)
  • No entry fee, minimum order allowed for desserts and drinks, instead of main dish as required by Little Zoo (Total bill’s slightly below $30 for 2 pax)
  • No restricted timing to visit the animals, the staff lets them out to play on alternate basis
  • Within my itinerary, quite centralised and not out of the way
  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Little Zoo’s great too! Unfortunately, due to our tight schedule on this trip, we had to only pick one. Hence, The Animal cafe :)

Apparently, foods at animal cafes are usually not highly raved about.
So I was glad that we went for desserts instead, because they turned out surprisingly good!

The strawberry crepe was fluffy and the brownie’s so chocolatey and soft, a perfect match with the vanilla ice cream on top.

Before entering the playroom, you’ll be warmly welcomed by these docile kitties roaming around the cafeteria to keep you company.

Honestly? I’m not entirely a huge fan of feline because I’ve got this fear of them reaching out with their claws and leaving me with scratch marks and scars.

But these babies are just so sweet and tamed, I could hang with them all day:


Can’t get enough of this goofy face:


Then there’s this weird looking dragon-like fish, which kinda stole my attention for awhile:


Now, brace yourself for the upcoming fluffiness:

It didn’t take much of a wait before it was our turn to step into the playroom and get up close with these mischievous African Wild Cats, the “Serval”:

Resembling a mini cheetah, they are very playful and fractious.

Don’t even think about controlling them! They are the dominating ones who will play by their own rules.
So just “socialise” and get slightly comfortable in their presence before snapping a photo.
Caution: They are felines, so they will jump around and scratch at shiny or dangling things. You can use that to your advantage to distract them for pictures, but just be careful not to get them too near to your face.


Each room only houses 5-8 guests, so that there’s enough space for both the humans and animals to interact freely. They mostly leave it to customers to take turns and trust that you’re considerate enough to not hog the place for too long.

In this next room, you’ll get acquainted with the “sneaky” bunch!
Racoon and fennec fox:


As they take turns to be out from the cages; to prevent any fights, I entered the room when their meek tiny fox was out to play!

Much like a little puppy, she got tired after tossing around and playing catch with her treat:
(side note: absolutely in love with my lashes by Browtisan!)


At level one, you can even throw on the robes and immerse into the scene of Harry Potter’s with these adorable owls:

This one here looks so dorky, I feel like hiding him in my pocket:


The Animal Cafe opens everyday from 11am to 10pm.
They really give you ample time with the animals in this conducive and relaxed environment.
Address: Sathu Pradit 19 Alley, Khwaeng Chong Nonsi, Khet Yan Nawa, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120, Thailand.

Since we are only in Bangkok for 3 days 2 nights,
time is precious and we didn’t want to waste it trying to manoeuvre around with the train. Thankfully there’s “Grab“, which is really inexpensive and did away with all the hassle of haggling with cab drivers and struggling to guide them to these remote areas.

Here’s a tip for you: Thailand Grab Promo Code (you can use the code from their local site to save a few bucks along the way)


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