Facial and body hair worries, I left it in the hands of Browtisan



I’m a neat freak when it comes to keeping my face and body hairless and baby smooth.
Of course, eyebrows and lashes had to be flourishing and on fleek.

You know how busy my schedule gets with all the travelling and performance…
Thankfully with Browtisan, my one stop solution stop, I could get everything done in a single trip!



With my hands in the air, baring my underarms half the time during my gig,
any armpit hair would be unsightly to my audiences.
However shaving frequently would cause darkening of underarms, hence I chose the IPL treatment which is painless.

You might have heard of underarm, hands and legs IPL. But I’m pretty sure you’ve never came across neck hair IPL right?
Especially for those of us who loves tying up our hair and have always been looking for ways to tuck away those baby hair…

This is the remedy:


Comparing the before and after, see the drastic difference?
(some fine hair will fall off on it’s own in the next few days)


Not forgetting my arms and legs, and even fine hair on my fingers and toes, every strand of hair must go!
Just go for the IPL treatment for a few sessions and your hair will barely grow thereafter.
Maybe an occasional maintenance trip after that, but you’ll be all good without all the waxing pain or razor burns!


Thank you Browtisan, my trusted facial and body hair expert!



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