Lip Embriodery at Browtisan, was it worth the pain?


It could be due to suntanning in the past or the prolong usage of lipsticks… my lips have since lost it’s vibrancy and the pinkish tone that I fancy. They have turned rather brownish and appeared unattractive on my skin tone. Hence, today I’m at Browtisan to get this fixed:


Yes! I went for lips embroidery and was rather apprehensive as my lips are really sensitive, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth the pain (after all, I can switch around any lip colour with makeup right?)

Just like tattoo or eyebrows embroidery, the initial stage would turn out to be a lot more prominent than it should be:


The colour was selected by my dearest Coco 妈; founder of Browtisan. She has painstakingly embroidered it on for me and the entire process took close to 3 hours:


I know it looks super swollen, but rest assure that this “Angelina Jolie” lips didn’t last for too long. Within 2 hours, the swelling has reduced significantly:


However, the healing process wasn’t entirely a breeze, it was quite torturous in fact. My lips are usually really dry on a regular day and during the recovery stage, it was 10x drier and peeling pretty badly:


Fortunately for their special after care kit which is super moisturising and helps to relive a lot of the uneasiness on my lips (even laughing was quite painful):


And… You’ve just got to look at the end results!!!
How pretty is it? The much raved after faint pink shade and perky shaped lips:


Don’t ask me if a week of endurance was worth these beautiful lips that’s gonna last for a long, long while… All I can say is that I’ve stashed away those lipsticks and glosses.

Sticking to just lip balms to protect my lips instead of discolouring it from now on! 😉

Make an appointment and mention my name for a discount today!

Address: #03-15/17, 402 Orchard Rd, Delfi Orchard, 238876
Phone:6235 2355


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