Coney Island- Singapore’s latest, biggest nature playground

It’s fascinating isn’t it? How we are working backwards here in Singapore… While others are busy developing their cities, we’re just thrilled to have this rural area finally made available for us!


#DowagerRecommends: “Drive/cab or take bus 84 from Punggol MRT to Punggol Road End (Promenade or Jetty). There, you can also park for free; right opposite the gallop stable!

A bicycle rental shop is available within close proximity and they charge SGD$8/hr or 3 hours for the price of SGD$16 per person.


It’s a wise choice to opt for the mountain bikes as it’s gonna be quite a rough ride exploring the entire island (although I must admit that I’d initially wanted the basket bicycles because they look prettier for pictures)

Here we go~



Pathway to the island (Free Admission)

Great opportunity to snap some wanderlust shots in between your tour about:


Or take a brief pit stop at the beaches to immerse into the tranquil scenery:


Then continue chasing after one another (be extra wary of pedestrians, especially children as this place’s popular for family outings. Do not ride too fast, and remember to always keep left):

Don’t forget to take ample rest while going around this 50 hectare island.


Most of all: Dress light, carry water bottle (or purchase at the stores before you enter), light snacks to picnic by the beach, insect repellent stickers, and sunblock!

Coney Island is opened from 7am to 7pm daily, so you’ll have to leave before the gate closes as there’s no lights in the island and camping is not allowed.


Till then, I’ll will be back to discover more of Coney Island~

Perhaps, next time by foot to track up the Haw Par Beach Villa that’s closed for public (you can book the guided tour here)

Hope you’ll have fun too!

Thy Dowager

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