Travelogue: Bangkok, I’ve missed you.

Bangkok is the perfect place to indulge, pamper and spoil ourselves crazy!
With a currency exchange rate of 1 SGD = 25 Baht, our spending capacity is immediately magnified and everything just becomes so much more affordable there.

Just take their hotels for example, it’s easily 4 times cheaper in comparison to our hotels in Singapore. So, my Number 1 Tip for you in Bangkok, is to go ahead and stay in a 5 stars hotel! It only costs about 100+++ SGD… why not?

After much research and deliberation, I finally narrowed down to the newly built Movenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 Bangkok; needless to say, for it’s stylish and sophisticated appearance, fantastic amenities and super convenient centralized location:


Second TipAlways book an early flight into Bangkok. The benefit of a hotel like this, is that you could usually enjoy the privilege of an early check-in. Then, take a power nap and fully utilize the facilities after which!


These pictures aren’t off a postcard or something… They are taken by @ScottKJphotography:

But can this place seriously get any prettier??!

Most tourists come to Bangkok for a quick getaway- usually dedicated for shopping. So, lucky for me, I get the whole pool to myself :D~
Tip Number 3Stay for at least a week in Bangkok, don’t rush! Otherwise, how can you truly relax?


After freshening up in the rain shower, we headed out to meet my girlfriend and her cousin for dinner! She insisted on meeting at Emquartier, the latest and biggest luxury shopping mall in Bangkok; which is only a 5 minutes cab ride from my hotel.


Meet my gorgeous vainpot girlfriend, Town, putting on her coat for a picture:


Needless to say, we were absolutely pleased with her recommendation! All of the dishes were impeccably delish. Thanks for the treat dearie~


After the satisfying meal, we took a stroll around the gigantic mall which even comes with an indoor garden- You can probably imagine the washroom with this same theme? Kinda reminds me of our very own airport, Terminal 3. Excepts that this is a shopping centre.


But it got even more insane. They’ve got parrots and peacocks in the freaking mall too:


And of course, supercar parking space:


Now, that probably explains why the girlfriend was so adamant about me checking out this place- MIND BLOWN.

Even though she was really just here to satisfy her luxury shopping addiction :X


In spite of that, I still managed to make her take me to the night market because I wanted to grab some cheap and nice apparels! She brought us to Siam Square…


Which obviously turned out to be a futile trip because this girl has zero idea about where to get good deals! She only shops for Chanel, Alexander Wang, Valentino etc. -.-”

Clothes at Siam Square’s night market are really not that nice, similar to those found at Bugis street. And most of them costs above 800 baht each, which is easily more than 30 SGD! Like, Yoz?? I’m in BKK for clothes below 30 SGD!! Otherwise, might as well shop online~ Still gets free delivery.

But the girlfriend claims that it’s already very cheap and no place sells clothes at 10 SGD to 20 SGD anymore. Thank god I didn’t buy her words!

Let me take you shopping on my next post on BKK’s Travelogue~

You will be in for the best bargains ever, and find out exactly where I got them from. And no, you don’t have to squeeze with the crowd and perspire 😉
Ps. For both male and female!

#DowagerTour in Bangkok is brought to you in collaboration
with the amazing Mövenpick Group :)
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