Taiwan Ep 1, the heaven of street delicacies #ExploreWithDowager


We scooted off to Taoyuan International Airport– which costed only about $300+ per pax, all inclusive, during their promotional period. You might want to keep a look out for their morning glory tuesdays, they’ve just held a $0 sale recently!

After some 4 hours and 30 mins flight, the first thing that we did upon arrival:
Was none other than… Getting our local sim card!

We’ve decided to try Fareastone this time as the queue was much shorter. Apparently Taiwan Mobile, 台湾大哥大 is a better choice in terms of reception. Nevertheless, it only costed NT450 (about $20SGD) for 7 days of unlimited 3G usage!

Taiwan Trip-3


Filling our stomachs was obviously secondary in the current century, we often end up getting too engrossed with updating our social media platforms:


But, was I glad that I took photos. WORST FOOD EVER THAT I’VE HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!

OH MY GOD. It’s unbelievable how such poor quality of food can be served in an International Airport.
The squid ink pasta tasted like drain water and the chicken pasta was as bland as it looks. The only edible one out of the lot was the wrap above which was fool-proof and it can still be charred LOL.


Run as far as you can if you see Ikari Coffee,  you do not want to be traumatised and turn to just liquid diet for the rest of your life.


Feeling very unjustified as we were totally looking forward to all the yummy delicacies of Taiwan, we quickly hopped onto the coach to our hotel so that we could get freshened up and hit the night market immediately!!!


It was a 2 hours coach journey to Taichung, 台中 (Central of Taiwan), where we will be residing at for most of our days in Taiwan.

Recommend Hotel: Ren Mei Fashion Hotel, 3 stars.
30, Daya Rd., North District Taichung, 404, Taiwan, ‎800 1205131 (Singapore Toll Free) +1-817-524-0058 (From abroad)


Super pretty right!!! Giving off the vibe of our very own scarlet hotel.
Costs only about $75 SGD for a night stay:


The best part of it?! It’s located super near to all the night markets (my favorite!!!)
We flagged for a cab right outside of our hotel and within 5 minutes (about NTD 100), we are here at Chung Hua YeShi Night Market (中華夜市) for traditional street food!!!


And the legend of all Taiwan food shall not be ruined by one Ikari Coffee.
This is one dish that smells like drain but tastes like HEAVEN:


Trying it for the first time in Taiwan…


AHHHHH!!!! I LOVE YOU STINKY TOFU!!! I miss you already~~
My first bite of this real deal still lingers in my mouth. Crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside.

Eventually, I got so used to the smell, it began to smell good too!- just like durian (those who loves it, loves it to bits)


The oyster mee sua though, was mediocre compared to Shilin Night Market.


Then we started our little foodie trail down the entire Chung Hua Night Market! Stopping by almost every other stall to have a bite. Everything is sooooo dirt cheap, we couldn’t resist it!


BBQ is really popular there and many motorists would also just stop by and pick up supper on their way back, it’s super convenient!


Coming up next! We took the Taiwan High Speed rail to Taipei for a day, where we visited their tourist spot and SHOPPED CRAZY!!! (I’m talking about super gorgeous apparels that cost $5 to $12 sgd only)

If you want to know where, check out my next post: Taiwan Ep 2, Taipei- the shopping paradise #ExploreWithDowager!


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  • Juliet

    Hi, love your blog!! BTW, the next time you’re in Taoyuan airport, just go to the basement level food court. There’s a food court there that has many stalls and many people eat there, including the airport employees. The food’s not bad. No more Ikari coffee house !!!!

    PS : Is there any reason why you chose to stay in Taichung, instead of Taipei itself ?

    • Thydowager

      Thank you dear! And for the recommendation too!! I didn’t know that they have a food court in the airport! We stayed in Taichung ’cause we were to visit the bf’s relatives. But Taichung’s a really nice place to visit scenic areas actually! :)

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