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Behind the scenes of my experience with TyreQueen:


Dangers Of Using Worn Tire


Worn tires are a BIG sign for DANGER!!! Tread grooves are extremely vital for safe driving.
Tread wear causes poor tire performance and can lead to serious problems- Driving on wet roads with worn tires require a longer stopping distance (you might not be able to break in time to avoid an accident). And especially if you’re going fast, the worn tires may even lead to slipping (hydroplaning phenomenon)!

Speaking from experience here!!! I’m sure many people out there are like me. When the workshop specialists tell you that your tires are worn out, you’ll probably think that you could still delay the need to change them, for some time. HUGE MISTAKE HERE.

Having been in a chain collision (being the last car) because I didn’t heed the advice of my workshop specialists; I had dragged on with my rather worn out tires and was unable to stop in time when the car in front of me went ahead to E brake abruptly. They call me unlucky… but the truth is, it could have been avoided.


“Prevention is always better than cure.”

So I went tyre-shopping:


After hearing from the professionals at TyreQueen and going through their huge selection of tyres; over 20 brands (including Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Vredestein etc,), I’ve finally decided to go ahead with Apollo tyres!!

These tires were tested on Beemer 3 series, BMW 1 series and an Audi A3 , with professional race drivers behind the wheels, pushing the car to its limits on tight, twisty circuit- running under dry and wet conditions. Whatever punishments they put them through, they held up really well.

Besides, if you’re concerned about the cost… There’s no worries at all! TyreQueen’s the sole distributor, hence their price’s unbeatable (Definitely a huge discount compared to my previous tyres that wore out within a year, yet costed me almost $1000!!!):



Now, all I have to do is to entrust my baby in the good hands of Mr Tyre Specialist!


While I lounge away in their waiting room for customers~ YES!!!! No more waiting at the hot and stuffy workshops! Enjoy your refreshments and relax as they work on your car; that’s exactly how it should be:


REALLY??!?! Nope, not really.
I’m here today to experience how to change a punctured tyre ON MY OWNYou’ve heard it right.


I know, I know, I’m such a dedicated student LOL.


You’ll never know when will it come in handy!!! It’s not always that your car would break down at somewhere with traffic and you can be the damsel in distress with a hero that would come for your rescue right?

So it’s better to practice now 😉 



By far, TyreQueen is the best online tyres portal that has provided me with convenience, to save my time spent at the workshop! I can simply log on to www.TyreQueen.com to compare prices of my preferred tyres, purchase and choose the workshop location to head down on my selected day and time!

For every 4 tyres purchased with Tyrequeen, they are also giving away FREE 1 times tyre rotation, FREE nitrogen for life and many other free gifts too!! (Every S$1 spent = TQ 1 point given)


Thank you TyreQueen! It has been nothing less than a pleasant ride!


TYREQUEEN, 7 days a week workshops!


13 Kaki Bukit Road 4,
#01-05 Singapore 417807


Lot A48 / A49, Turf City Car Mart
@The Grandstand
210 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287995

Third Workshop

Coming soon!

Hotline – 6377 7777
Website: www.TyreQueen.com

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