2nd Day in China!

2nd Day in China!


Are you ready for it?


Bf says: “What’s the point in having hotel’s continental breakfast when we came all the way to China?”

So we skipped breakfast with the family and headed out for his craving with his brother!



Doesn’t look like the usual SG style right?

This chee cheong fan is so smooth, it melts in the mouth 😀


Then we joined the rest again for lunch!


Found a pretty oriental park after the gratifying meal:


We made a move to the town nearby!


Nothing much there, everything was non-negotiable and overpriced!

Ok, I only grabbed 10 sets of bras there. It was on sales! I couldn’t resist.

Apart from that, we found this stall that sells yam+vanilla mixed ice cream.

Heavenly toothsome for just $1 SGD!


YAY! IT’S DINNER TIME AGAIN! Wahahaha. Like fat only!


And you think that’s all?!

The crazy bf’s only fully satisfied after gobbling up this entire range of bbq food for supper!

Who the hell eats 5 bbq squid at a go?! ROY PIG! :p



3rd Day in China!


OK LA! Last day in China, bear with the foodies post ok?

Next post would be on Hong Kong + Disneyland already 😀


Woke up for some dim sum love!


 Then I went to the washroom and discovered this awesome invention in China!



Check the video out! I took it just for you guys!




And we went shopping again! Boyfriend finally got down to tailoring his blazer:



Someone looking hot ehs :p


We were searching for this high and low last night for supper!

They’re all closed by 12 midnight, but super readily available on the streets in the day!



Who would complain about good food?


Lastly, how can we forget about bringing some famous yummies home?




Hong Kong post coming up next!

Lo & Behold lovers~



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