Topic: Planning together
Find out your common interests and plan activities together.
In addition to spending quality time with each other, it will also bring out the creative side of the relationship you share with your beau.

We are both extreme late owls. I still remember the first time when he officially dated me out, it was for supper and we had dim sum at my favourite restaurant.
That’s when we realized our interest, exploring for hidden “food” gems!

An activity as simple as food hunting, actually make us genuinely happy ♥



I bet many of your have been to 126 DimSum @ Geylang or even my favourite Swee Choon Dim Sum Cafe…

Those were pretty satisfying. But it’s time to try something new, agree?

May I present to you my latest find, the hidden gem near Mandai!

It all summed up to lesser than $20

Find a common interest between you and your partner today!

Brought to you by Green Light Movement



“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

When the boy I knew since 7 years ago, returned as man that’s so close to attaining his dream.
-The dream of conquering our unlimited sky- ♥


Pictures taken by my iPhone 4, please pardon the resolution :)


We adore serenity.

There can’t be a better choice than dinner by the waters.


I know right, I’m sucha hard core Aglio olio’s fan.

Yet in true honesty, this really isn’t one of the best I’ve tried.

Could have been better; in compliment of the ambience.

(The ingredients are pretty fresh though)




It was Vesak day and there were 2 guest DJs spinning respectively, both at Zouk and Filter.

Yet, guess what bought me over from these 2 temptations?


70’s rock band- themed pub with a live band, where you can perform as well!


Someone’s finally back for 3 months, after flying in Aussie for a year!


3 late owls enjoying our individual iced latte:


Their highly-raved signature dish! $11 laksa, thumbs up!

I had to finish half cause the boys complained I’m too skinny?! I think they have evil motives.

I’m not complaining though, the food’s SO GOOD!


Ready to rock and roll?


You do know that one can drown not just only by water right?

Drowning in the music :)


More upcoming activities before my friend flies to France

to complete his course in becoming a fighter pilot :)


“Boys can only speak about his dreams, a true man fights for his success.”




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