[Ad] MYCUBE – enabling digital life freedom

MYCUBE – enabling digital life freedom



Haven’t the thought of being able to earn from your own creativity, ever came across your mind?

“Mycube’s making this a dream come true!”

Mycube believes that everyone should be able to create monetary value from their own content and so do I!

I mean, we’ve been sharing information and interesting topics online without gaining much benefits, haven’t we?



It’s about time to take social networking to the next level!

  Mycube would be supplying Digital Life Management Tools that allow you to own and control all your digital content with FULL integrity and Privacy.

All whilst being able to monetize your experience and knowledge too!


Although facebook is good for light socializing with friends,

Mycube offers a better solution for a wider range of online interactions-

including sharing content by topic, buying and selling content, etc .

This means that users can choose who gets access to any of their information or content,

and that if they upload content to Mycube, it remains theirs and Mycube will not use it for any other purposes.




Benefits in joining Mycube:

1) Mycube has a “virtual currency” called Cubes, and users can buy and sell content for Cubes; which are convertible into real CASH.

So if you have a great video or content, people would pay some money in return to view them-

you can even start from as low as the equivalent of $0.01 per view (your choice!)


2) Mycube allows users to interact via groups, such as F1 racing, cooking, photography etc,

so that you can meet new people who share your interests in addition to socializing with friends.


3) PLUS! JOIN to get FREE 1000 ‘Cubes’ (worth $10 Singapore dollars) in your account.

Mycube’s in a private beta now, so only limited number of people can try!


HURRY, ONLY FIRST 50,000 people to register will receive the 1000 Cubes (S$10 worth),


http://beta.mycube.com (enter code “friend” into the field “activation code”)



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