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1st stop: Kuantan with Superstar Gemini Cruise

    上游轮就是要享受这种:”吃,玩,睡,吃,玩,睡“ 的奢华乐趣! Eat, sleep, rave, repeat was truly our lifestyle for the 4 days 3 nights on Superstar Gemini Cruise! And since we picked the Kuantan and Pulau Redang package, today’s our disembarkation for 1 day free and easy tour on Kuantan! YAY~

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Bringing Vintage Back

  It’s so super cute!! I can’t even… When I first saw this fabric on @Lporterfabrics, these big bold prints reminds me so much of the 1980s… I was inspired to recreate the vintage look!

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A whole new Park Regis Singapore

    Staycation This gotta top the list as one my favorite indulgence. As much as we work from home and we spend almost every other day together, we rarely break way from work. Thus, I would secretly plan for our much needed staycations once in awhile, just so that we could spend some quality time together…

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